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1.  How is ELL English Online different than Digital Language Lab? 

ELL English Online scaffolds language development that is done through digital language lab. Moreover, ELL Online is intended for self-paced learning where individual learners can learn language at the own pace and in their own space.

2. Is internet connection mandatory at the user’s end to run ELL English Online?      

ELL English Online comes with local hosting option at Institutional level whereby the computer systems connected through LAN to Institution’s server can access ELL English. However, for individual users, internet connection is mandatory.

3. Does ELL English score substitute for TOEFL or IELTS?  

ELL English scores are only indicative of user’s level of language proficiency should the user desire to appear in competitive exams like TOEFL, IELTS etc.

4. As a Second Language Speaker of English Language, will the user be able to understand the accent without Teacher’s intervention?

All the modules of ELL English are recorded in neutral accent and hence, the user will be able to follow it easily without external help.

5. Is it necessary for a user to take all the ELL English courses to get a certification?       

ELL English does not follow a pyramidal structure but is modular in nature. A user who has reasonable Language Skills can start directly with ELL Master and get certification without attempting ELL Scholar.