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1. If Koha Software is FREE then what should I pay for?

You only pay for services associated with implementing the software and for post-implementation support.  Services include installation, configuration, customization, data migration and integration with email and SMS servers or LDAP and more importantly training.

2. What infrastructure do I need for implementing Koha?


3. How do I migrate my database of books, patrons, circulation records, etc from my current system? 

We can help you migrate your data to Koha, if you have data in a machine readable form. If you do not already have it in a machine readable format, we can help you with retrospective cataloguing.

 4What are the benefits of following international standards for my library?

International standards facilitate inter-operability and resource sharing. Other libraries can share their data with you and you can share your data with other libraries. Inter Library loans become easy when you share resources.

Standards Benefits
MARC21 MARC21 help the library to catalogue library resources in a very specific format and because of the MARC21 standard supported, Koha allows libraries to catalogue any type of resources in the world.
ISO2709 Complete database is downloaded in a single file format with all bibliographic information irrespective of what ILS is used at the other side as long as ISO2709 standard is supported both library can exchange the database without any explanatory note.
Z39.50 Allows library to share their bibliographic information on internet without/before downloading the catalogue card.
UNICODE Support all languages (UNICODE converted script) both at interface and database level. Library can catalogue any resource in any language.
ILL Because of ISO2709 and Z39.50 protocol is supported library can build a consortium and share catalogue database among the members help in building the inter library loan services.