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1.Which operating system and browser(s) do I need to access moodle?   

Moodle is multi-browser compatible and works well with different operating systems. As with any web based application, you should be aware of your audience, their typical bandwidth and web browsers.

 2. If moodle is an open source platform, why do I have to approach Ecole?    

Moodle comes with a wide array of modules which may not be relevant for every customer. Ecole will help you customize the product as per your requirements, train your technical team in using the product and provide support.

3. Is moodle only for Educational Institutions or does it have features and functionalities for Corporates?

While moodle is largely thought of as a product tailored for Educational Institution, it certainly has features and functionalities suitable for Corporates.

4. Is moodle just for online learning?          

While in most of the cases moodle is used for online learning, it can be used to support and combine face-to-face interaction with e-learning, m-learning and other forms of learning.

5. Do I need my own server to run moodle? 

moodle needs a web server to enable its users to use it from anywhere.

6. Can I use moodle from anywhere?     

Since moodle is hosted on the web server, it can be used from anywhere on any kind of hand-held device, mobile device or computer provided these devices are connected to internet.