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1. What kind of infrastructure is required to implement the Digital Language Lab?

If you already have a computer lab with a LAN, it can be converted into a digital language lab without any additional infrastructure. We recommend some sound proofing in the Lab. If you do not have this infrastructure, you will need to invest in a computer lab. You can choose the number of PCs based on the number of seats you require. Additionally a Teacher PC, a server, UPS and heavy duty headsets will be required. For more detailed system requirements information, please call us or write to us

2. Do we need internet access for the Digital Language Lab?

The language lab platform works on a LAN and hence it is not mandatory to have internet connection in the lab. Having access to an Internet connection will help you use resources such as YouTube etc as additional content for use in the classroom.

3. Do teachers require any special computer skills (like programming) to operate the platform?

Our Language Lab technology is very intuitive. Therefore teachers with basic computer skills can be easily trained to operate the platform.

4. Is this platform limited to English teaching only?

Through our platform, teachers can teach any language (Indian or Foreign). They need to have suitable content for the specific languages.

5. How is digital language lab better than classroom teaching?

Classroom teaching is a good way to strengthen the basic concepts of language such as grammar. But for development of communicative language, digital language lab has features and functionalities to give ample speaking and listening practice.

6. What is the difference in speaking practice time between regular language classroom and in digital language lab classroom?

In digital language lab, each and every student gets an average of 11 minutes of speaking practice irrespective of the class strength whereas in a regular language classroom, the speaking practice time is limited to just a few students, in any given session.

7. Will I be able to conduct group based activities through this platform?

Yes, the platform provides the facility of one-to-one and one-to-many communication facility. Teachers can conduct hassle-free group activities without spending time on grouping the students.