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Koha is a globally accepted web-based Integrated Library System (ILS) that conforms to major International Standards that Libraries around the world follow. All functional modules such as Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serials Management can be automated using Koha. Other important reasons why many libraries choose Koha include:

  • Koha is FREE (Open Source) and there are no License restrictions.
  • Multiple Language Interfaces are available
  • Koha complies with international standards like MARC21, ISO2709, Z39.50, etc
  • Koha offers FREE SIP2 server for RFID integration
  • Koha can be configured for any library’s specific requirements
  • Koha OPAC can also be customized with Library branding
  • Koha can be integrated with email / SMS servers for alerts, notices, etc.
  • Koha OPAC can be integrated with Google to display extensive information on the book