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There are several products that help with Online Assessments. Most focus on Multiple Choice Questions. Since assessments are an important tool to aid the learning process, it is imperative that assessments are designed to accurately measure the knowledge or skill level that is required to be assessed in an individual. This requires the ability to create assessments that minimize the probability of “Guess Work”.

marksplus™ – Test Authoring and Online Exam System is an intuitive platform for authoring, scheduling and delivering formative or summative or other high-stakes exams. marksplus™ allows examination providers to create 13 different types of questions to suit various learning  and assessment objectives through the use of tagging features like Bloom’s Taxonomy, Topics and Difficulty levels. It comes with easy scheduling, strong security features and standard reporting features.

marksplus™  is scalable enough to cater to the assessment/examination needs of both educational institutions and business enterprises.

If merit truly counts, try marksplus™!