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On February 7, 2014 | By LS Venkatesh

In Jan 2008, three months after Ecole Solutions was incorporated, we launched our first website – www.ecoleglobal.com. For six years the site served as an important source of information about our products, services and other activities, helping institutions and businesses find a credible solution provider for technology solutions in Education and Learning.

Over the past few years, our business has undergone changes based on feedback we have received from our customers. We have acquired new competencies and offer a wider range of solutions. The world around us has also changed dramatically. Social media has become an important platform of communication.  These paradigm changes have prompted us to review our online presence and we realised that our website needed a reincarnation. We hope that this new Avatar of our Web Site is more structured and that users will find the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

We need to work on our Social Media presence and will have relevant content on these sites in the days and months to come. This blog will be an integral part of our website where we intend to discuss issues relating to Education and Learning. I intend to post something new, each week, on this blog.

We look forward to interacting and engaging with you more regularly. We welcome your feedback and thoughts which will help us improve the site further.

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