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Do scores from MCQ tests provide a fair assessment of knowledge?

On February 9, 2015

Assessments in the form of a test are essential as there is no other effective way of determining one’s proficiency in a particular subject. However, the testing methodology is critical. We have witnessed a proliferation of MCQ based testing in the past decade; more so in the past few years as technology has started playing […]

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AICTE norms for Language Labs – Is ‘postmethod pedagogy’ the answer?

On February 2, 2015

AICTE, the regulatory body governing several categories of higher educational institutions in India, has advocated the implementation of a digital Language Lab in the institutions. The norms outlined make it ‘essential’ for institutions to demonstrate the availability of such infrastructure at the time of inspection of the expert committee. The specifications are documented as follows: […]

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A new avatar – www.ecoleglobal.com

On February 7, 2014

In Jan 2008, three months after Ecole Solutions was incorporated, we launched our first website – www.ecoleglobal.com. For six years the site served as an important source of information about our products, services and other activities, helping institutions and businesses find a credible solution provider for technology solutions in Education and Learning. Over the past […]

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