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Why CampusLabs™ ERP?

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With several ERP solution providers today, it may indeed be a daunting task to identify the best one.A successful ERP project begins with finding the software with the right fit for your institution. Many institutions underestimate the significance of a thorough evaluation of ERP and end up with failed ERP implementation.

The reasons why you should choose CampusLabs™ ERP are:

  • A stable system that integrates all functions and activities of an institute on a single platform, helps reduce overall costs, and more effectively manage resources financial, physical, and human capital.
  • A highly parameterized, scalable application that can adapt to changes even in basic institutional statutes, revisions in the curriculum and syllabus as well as fee structure.
  • An integrated communication platform for internal and external stakeholders; viz: students, faculty, college administration, alumni and the corporate world.

Ecole Solutions offers domain knowledge and implementation expertise to help you realize the full benefits of the ERP solution for your institution.



About CampusLabsTM ERP Why CampusLabsTM ERP? Testimonials Resources FAQs


1. What is ERP definition?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the technological backbone of any organization. CampusLabs™ ERP serves as an institution wide transaction framework with links to the various administrative functions of a college or university. Our robust ERP software is a cross-functional enterprise system that is driven by an integrated suite of customizable software modules, which can support the internal processes of your institution, irrespective of your institution’s size and complexity.

2. What benefits will our institution get from your ERP?

CampusLabs™ ERP can generate significant benefits for your institution. Our ERP system helps in improving the quality and efficiency of student services, faculty services and institutional administrative and management services. Many of our clients have derived significant reduction in transaction costs and hardware, software and IT support costs as well as staff costs compared to the non-integrated legacy systems or manual systems that were replaced by CampusLabs™ ERP. Also, our ERP provides vital cross-functional information on your institutional performance quickly to the college or university authorities to help improve their ability to make better and timely decisions across your campus. Implementing CampusLabs™ ERP in your institution can also break down many functional walls of institutional processes and information resources. This will result in a more flexible organizational structure and therefore a more agile and adaptive institution and staff that can more easily capitalize on new opportunities in the field of higher education. Many institutions have found major business value in using CampusLabs™ ERP including:

  • Effective compliance management and report generation (for AICTE / UGC / DoE / NAAC or other accreditation)
  • Increase in student involvement through easy access to academic and extra-curricular information
  • Studentbs self-evaluation and progress tracking
  • Support in program planning and admin review processes through dashboard based analytics
  • Integration with third party applications including Learning Management Systems, Library Systems, Payment gateways, SMS services

3. Can we buy individual modules?

Yes, CampusLabs™ ERP is completely modular and allows you to implement the ERP system in Phases based on your priorities and resource availability. Of course, when you make a decision to take several modules, you will receive pricing benefits.

4. How long does an ERP implementation take?

The implementation time depends on several factors including the type of Institution viz. University, College, etc., size of the institution, number of departments, number of modules chosen for implementation, quantum of customization and the institutionbs readiness in terms of infrastructure and resources. Implementation could take from two months to two years depending on the above factors.

5. Does Ecole Solutions have a proven implementation approach?

Yes, we have a delivery framework that has helped us implement projects successfully for our customers. It is a collaborative process. Click here to learn more about the framework.

6. Will it be necessary to appoint a full-time staff member during implementation of the ERP system given the limited resources in our institution?

Although it is not absolutely essential, a dedicated resource from the institute for the project is always desirable to give the momentum the project requires in the early stages. The project requires the involvement of several stake holders such as a Project Coordinator, Module Owners, Functional Users during the implementation phase to define the requirements, enter required data, test the system and provide feedback. Senior Management commitment and involvement is absolutely essential for periodic review of progress and ensuring resources are made available for successful implementation and adoption. Once implemented, you will need a dedicated System Administrator to manage the database, take regular back-ups and maintain the hygiene of the application and the database, manage periodic updates and upgrades and assist with providing MIS reports to the management.

7. Is the CampusLabs™ ERP system scalable?

Yes, the system is highly scalable. We have institutions with a few hundred students to Universities with hundreds of thousands of students using the system.


ELL English Online

About ELL English Online Why ELL English Online? Testimonials Resources FAQs

English Online

ELL Scholar ELL Master  ELL Business  ELL Kids

Ecole Solutions offers pedagogically sound eLearning courseware for English, in partnership with ELL Technologies, a company that has delivered English language-learning multimedia solutions for customers around the world, for over 20 years. About 3.5 million users across 30 countries have benefited by using ELL’s Online Language Learning Program.

Global Standards of English assessment

With a thorough understanding of the growing demand of students and working professionals to meet international standards of English Language proficiency such as the Common European Framework (CEFR), TOEFL, TOEIC, UCLES, BEC etc, Ecole Solutions brings to its customers ELL’s proven Language Learning products. The graphic below presents correlation levels of ELL to various International Levels and Exams.

ELL Products

7ELL products can be used by schools, colleges and even companies to deliver English Language Lessons and help students or employees gain proficiency in the Language. ELL supplements and complements a Digital Language Lab Platform to enhance the language proficiency of the learners. These products are specially designed for learners of English as a Second Language (ESL), learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Products designed to address different needs include:

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Sanako Language Lab

About Sanako Language Lab Why Sanako Language Lab? Testimonials Resources FAQs


Traditional methods of language teaching in classrooms are unable to provide equal opportunity to all students as Language Skills are acquired through extensive practice. Technology is now influencing pedagogical choices and with this conviction, Ecole Solutions provides Language Learning solutions where Language is taught as a tool for communication through a blend of following approaches:

  • Theme based learning: Courses organized by purpose, topics or themes
  • Skill-based learning: Listening, Speaking Reading and Writing skills (LSRW) are taught simultaneously, simulating real life experiences
  • Task-based learning: Performing real-life communicative tasks to enhance language learning

In partnership with Sanako, Finland, a world leader with over 50 years of experience in Language teaching technologies, Ecole Solutions offers its customers a choice of Language Labs to suit different needs and budgets. Sanako Study 1200, Sanako Study 700 and Lab 100 are the most preferred products in the Indian market.

The Platform

The Language Lab platform is uniquely designed to facilitate several activities which help in acquiring the required skills.The following graphic presents a functional overview of the systems capabilities:


Exam Module

The Sanako Study Examination module is a valuable addition to the Language Lab software that helps language teachers author assessments quickly and easily to assess students in a number of ways.

  • Create interesting tests – allows the use of audio, video, images and text to be used in questions
  • Easy-to-use guides for creation of the test
  • Saves time by automatically generating results for both teacher and students
  • Enables variety of exams and tests contains a number of options for question types – True or False, Multiple Choice Questions, Checklist, Hot Spot, Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blanks, Match the List, Combo Box List, Edit Combo Box List, List Box List, Short Answers
  • Questions are displayed with Exam Player
  • Simple and clear interface makes it easy to use

English Content for Sanako Study

While the platform allows Language Teachers to create and use their own content as relevant to the students in the class, Ecole Solutions also offers 200 hours of content supporting all the activities presented in the graphic above. Content is available for various levels including Elementary English, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Learners. Phonics, vocabulary general and specific, reading comprehension passages, listening passages, thematic topics are some of the areas covered to cater to all four language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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marksplus ™ – Online Exam System

About marksplusTM Why marksplusTM? Testimonials Resources FAQs


Studies have shown evidence that:marksplus-logo

  1. Learners get motivated by feedback
  2. Assessment is a key driver of learning
  3. If learning can be judged reliably, it gets the attention of the learner

marksplus - Test Authoring and Online Exam System  enables institutions to author questions, create assessments, and schedule participants for various types of assessments including quizzes, tests and exams.


marksplus supports educational institutions for their assessment needs for various purposes such as:

  1. Entrance Exams
  2. Internal Assessments
  3. Practice Tests
  4. Certifications

Functional modules

marksplus Author is a comprehensive and intuitive exam authoring module which allows for examination providers to create 12 different types of questions to suit various testing objectives and has powerful tagging features like Blooms, Topics, Difficulty levels etc, ensuring a fair assessment of the individual.

marksplus Admin helps in creating assessments. The assessments can be created automatically through randomization techniques and question selection criteria based on multiple tags that can be associated with a question. Assessments can also be created manually allowing examination providers to extend the use of this tool to suit any testing objective. It supports both formative and summative assessments with an in-built ability for optional and conditional activation of feedback, limiting number of attempts etc.

marksplus™ Admin also allows for scheduling of assessments in a flexible manner with multiple rules in play. Examiners can use it to deliver assessments on a date and time of choice to specific groups of participants and build in further restrictions based on IP address, locations, participant identification etc.

marksplus Participant module ensures that participants effectively use their assessment time. With options like flagging for review and a live indicator of answered and unanswered questions the participant is free to navigate within the assessment and focus on areas that need specific review or attention.

marksplus Reports is the analytics tool. It offers several standard reports catering to all the stake holders of the assessment. These include analysis on individual performance, group performance, question analysis etc.

marksplus Secure is an optional lock-down browser that provides security to the test delivery by preventing participants from moving out of the test interface. Participants will be unable to copy screens or access another application or browse the Internet.

CampusLabs™ ERP

About CampusLabsTM ERP Why CampusLabsTM ERP? Testimonials Resources FAQs

Campus Management

Managing an Educational Institution, whether it is a University, a College or a Business School involves several challenges including:

  • Growth in students, programs and courses
  • Multiple admission modes and cycles
  • Limited teaching staff
  • Limited physical and financial resources
  • Changing regulations

CampusLabsTM ERP

CampusLabsTM, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with the most comprehensive suite of modules, helps streamline processes and increase student involvement opportunities in higher educational institutions.


Fulfilling students and staff expectations and meeting regulatory compliance entails integrated and institution wide planning and execution. CampusLabsTM facilitates efficient management of student life cycle, financial accounting and administrative processes. A new generation software developed using opensource components based on open standards, CampusLabsTM is designed to ensure interoperability, data security and scalability.

Deployment Models

We offer flexible licensing and deployment models to suit the preferences of the institutions as follows:

On-Premise: This allows the institution to license the software either on a perpetual license basis or annual license basis and deploy it on the institutions network within the campus or at a data centre of their choice. We also provide turn-key services including deployment of required hardware for high availability.

SaaS: The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model of deployment eliminates all worries about hosting and managing the application for the institution. We provide a managed service, assuming complete responsibility to make the system available to the institution 24×7, offering complete security of data with a pricing model that is easy on the pocket of the institution.

ERP Implementation

We understand the importance of implementation services to ensure successful adoption of an ERP System in any institution and have therefore developed a robust delivery framework.Click here to learn more about our delivery framework and services that seek to enhance the client engagement process, ensure adequate communication and assure quality, timeliness and risk mitigation leading to successful implementation and helpdesk support that ensures user adoption.

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