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Five Laws of Library Science and RFID Systems

In 1931, a mathematician turned Librarian formulated the Five Laws of Library Science, which nearly a century later remains relevant and drives Library professionals around the world every single day. As a tribute to the Father of Library Science, Prof. S R Ranganathan, Ecole Solutions has formulated the application of RFID technology to empower Libraries to comply with, and practice these Laws to serve the user community better than ever before, as explained below.

1st Law: Books are for Use

More than storage and preservation, books are for use. RFID technology helps users locate and borrow books quickly, ensuring greater usage of Library material.

2nd Law: Every user his or her book

RFID systems such as Self-Return kiosks and Book-Drop help preserve the privacy of the patron and the item he or she is borrowing from the Library.

3rd Law: Every book its reader

RFID based Shelf Management Systems and Smart Shelves ensure that mis-shelved books are quickly identified and placed where they actually belong so that every book finds its reader.

4th Law: Save the time of the reader

The core benefit offered by RFID Technology is to improve efficiency so that readers spend more time in reading the material than standing in queues or bogged down by other administrative processes.

5th Law: The library is a growing organism

Libraries must accommodate growth in physical collection and patron use. Use of RFID technology can help optimise resources allowing the Library to keep pace with a growing community of users.

With Bibliotheca Library RFID Systems AG as its partner, Ecole Solutions brings the experience of the worlds largest RFID Solutions company exclusively focusing on innovations in RFID technology for Libraries helping realise Prof. S R Ranganathans vision. On offer is perhaps the widest range of reliable, cutting-edge products, built to global standards, to suit every librarys needs, priorities and budgets.

G-LBAW1088_library_layout_UKImage Courtesy: Bibliotheca Library RFID Systems AG, Switzerland

The implementation team from Ecole Solutions will plan, execute and monitor the entire installation of the RFID systems and integrate with the Library Management System. In addition to a smooth installation, the team will train your Library staff on best transition practices, tagging methods, process changes and best practices for self service adoption, which will ensure that the investment that the Library makes in RFID based Library automation is well served.