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The rapid growth of the Internet over the past two decades laid the foundation for eLearning across geographies. This also helped in creating an ecosystem comprising of technology companies, service providers, consumers, industry forums and associations who together collaborated to establish standards and best-practices. In the last few years, proliferation of Social Media and mobile devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones and the emergence of gamification and MooCs (Massively Open Online Courseware) have dramatically altered the landscape, bringing eLearning into a completely new paradigm. Interesting as they are, they also pose a challenge to organizations in choosing the right strategy for their internal Online learning programs. Ecole Solutions works closely with customers to understand their context and advise them on a suitable approach to make the most out of their investments. Our content development services include:

  1. Instructional Design and Story Board development
  2. Rapid prototyping
  3. Graphics and multimedia development in Flash
  4. Game-based content development
  5. Publishing content in HTML5

Content Development