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Solutions for Government and NGOs

Serving citizens better

Government policies and initiatives are a key driving force for improving public services. This calls for government organizations at all levels to respond positively in areas including education and lifelong learning, tackling social exclusion and strengthening the communities. Ecole Solutions can help organizations such as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Para Military Organizations, Research Institutions, Judiciary, Government Agencies, Public Libraries, Public Sector Enterprises and various other governmental organizations and NGOs achieve just that through our expert set of educational and learning technology solutions.

Workforce improvement through E-learning

Ecole Solutions, with its deep understanding of learning technologies can help Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) implement learning and skilling initiatives leveraging technology. Remote education through distance learning facilitated by the use of Learning Management Systems, Online Assessments and eLearning courseware can help skill a vast populace spread in remote corners of nations with 21st century skills. Organizations have found that our e-learning tools improve the speed of their learning and training delivery activities. Ecole Solutions track record and expertise in providing core technology infrastructure and related services for any educational, learning or training initiatives will go a long way in executing projects successfully.

Promoting ICT in Public Libraries

Public Libraries play a significant role in shaping societies by providing access to resources that are otherwise not easily accessible by a large section of a country’s population. Ecole Solutions provides an Integrated Library System developed using the open-source Library Software Koha, which allows citizens to access the Library’s catalogues remotely and even reserve the material they wish to borrow. The key to opening up a library’s resources is its access mechanism. The automation of Libraries is further enhanced by world class RFID Solutions, which ensures that users spend more time reading the material they borrow than in the logistics of obtaining that resource. It also helps in ensuring far greater use of the limited resources that are available. Ecole Solutions impeccable track record in ensuring successful implementation is demonstrated by being adjudged a winner of the 2013 eNorth East award for executing a turnkey project entailing the automation of a public Library in Itanagar in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in North Eastern India. Click here to learn more about this recognition.

Solutions for Business Enterprises

Businesses are no longer confined to geographical boundaries. They need to be able to operate seamlessly across countries and continents to stay competitive. This poses a challenge in building the competency levels of their human resources. Conventional approaches to training are expensive and ineffective and often the effectiveness cannot be tracked. Leveraging technology therefore becomes imperative for organizations that have a distributed workforce and geographically spread-out customers to deliver training on the go, when they need it, rather than having to bring them together into conventional classrooms. Time-to-market and Time-to-profit are determined by how quickly an organization is able to get its customer-facing work-force trained on its new product launches both from a sales and service perspective.

The following scenarios are cases-in-point that can immensely benefit from leveraging technology for learning delivery:

  • Bio-Pharma /Life Sciences companies imparting adequate product knowledge to thousands of Medical Reps spread across a country or continent on new drug launches, or competitive products or handling bad press coverage of a particular drug and assessing their knowledge to be sure that they can confidently present themselves in an ethical selling process.
  • IT Services companies training its employees across multiple locations or at customer locations on key skills and competencies to provide quality services to their customers.
  • Companies in the Automotive sector training the sales staff of their dealer networks and staff at Service Centres across multiple sites.
  • Insurance companies training Insurance agents and field staff on new products they launch frequently
  • Retail businesses training their Customer Service Executives and Store Managers in a growing number of stores
  • FMCG companies training the staff in the supply chain about new processes or software for their operations.

Blended Learning Delivery Framework:

Realising very early that an element of human intervention supplementing eLearning delivery will add significant value to learning outcomes, Ecole developed a framework for blended learning delivery as early as 2007. The model has three key components as illustrated in the graphic below to maximize participation, cater to multiple learning styles and make the learning delivery most effective:

Learning Delivery

  • Instructor led via Virtual Classrooms
  • eLearning Content delivered via an LMS

Knowledge Assurance

  • Proctored Online Assessments
  • Certification

Help Desk

  • Technical Support
  • Mentoring


Solutions for Academic Institutions

In today’s challenging economic environment, higher education has gained tremendous importance amongst students, working professionals and organizations alike. While students and executives are pursuing higher education to ensure better employability and secure careers, organizations are depending on it for the talent pool to build and deliver better products and services. Across different faculties, be it business, engineering, medicine, science, hospitality and creative arts to name a few, individuals are increasingly enrolling into higher education programs, either for full-time or distance education programs. Governments around the world are doing their bit to improve the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in Higher Education.

This poses positive challenges to educational institutions in terms of meeting student and industry requirements on the one hand and ensuring compliance with various regulatory and accreditation bodies on the other. The need to not only sustain but further enhance quality even as they scale, is greater than ever before.

With a deep understanding of the needs of higher educational institutions, Ecole seeks to play an influential role in assisting institutions meet these challenges. Ecole is working with a missionary zeal to offer practical solutions leveraging technologies and services to help institutions create the foundational ICT infrastructure to ensure better learning outcomes for students who entrust them with the responsibility to prepare them for a progressive career, even as they improve efficiency and transparency in their operations. The graphic below outlines the paradigm of Ecole’s expertise in the domain:



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