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1. What is ERP definition?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the technological backbone of any organization. CampusLabs™ ERP serves as an institution wide transaction framework with links to the various administrative functions of a college or university. Our robust ERP software is a cross-functional enterprise system that is driven by an integrated suite of customizable software modules, which can support the internal processes of your institution, irrespective of your institution’s size and complexity.

2. What benefits will our institution get from your ERP?

CampusLabs™ ERP can generate significant benefits for your institution. Our ERP system helps in improving the quality and efficiency of student services, faculty services and institutional administrative and management services. Many of our clients have derived significant reduction in transaction costs and hardware, software and IT support costs as well as staff costs compared to the non-integrated legacy systems or manual systems that were replaced by CampusLabs™ ERP. Also, our ERP provides vital cross-functional information on your institutional performance quickly to the college or university authorities to help improve their ability to make better and timely decisions across your campus. Implementing CampusLabs™ ERP in your institution can also break down many functional walls of institutional processes and information resources. This will result in a more flexible organizational structure and therefore a more agile and adaptive institution and staff that can more easily capitalize on new opportunities in the field of higher education. Many institutions have found major business value in using CampusLabs™ ERP including:

  • Effective compliance management and report generation (for AICTE / UGC / DoE / NAAC or other accreditation)
  • Increase in student involvement through easy access to academic and extra-curricular information
  • Studentbs self-evaluation and progress tracking
  • Support in program planning and admin review processes through dashboard based analytics
  • Integration with third party applications including Learning Management Systems, Library Systems, Payment gateways, SMS services

3. Can we buy individual modules?

Yes, CampusLabs™ ERP is completely modular and allows you to implement the ERP system in Phases based on your priorities and resource availability. Of course, when you make a decision to take several modules, you will receive pricing benefits.

4. How long does an ERP implementation take?

The implementation time depends on several factors including the type of Institution viz. University, College, etc., size of the institution, number of departments, number of modules chosen for implementation, quantum of customization and the institutionbs readiness in terms of infrastructure and resources. Implementation could take from two months to two years depending on the above factors.

5. Does Ecole Solutions have a proven implementation approach?

Yes, we have a delivery framework that has helped us implement projects successfully for our customers. It is a collaborative process. Click here to learn more about the framework.

6. Will it be necessary to appoint a full-time staff member during implementation of the ERP system given the limited resources in our institution?

Although it is not absolutely essential, a dedicated resource from the institute for the project is always desirable to give the momentum the project requires in the early stages. The project requires the involvement of several stake holders such as a Project Coordinator, Module Owners, Functional Users during the implementation phase to define the requirements, enter required data, test the system and provide feedback. Senior Management commitment and involvement is absolutely essential for periodic review of progress and ensuring resources are made available for successful implementation and adoption. Once implemented, you will need a dedicated System Administrator to manage the database, take regular back-ups and maintain the hygiene of the application and the database, manage periodic updates and upgrades and assist with providing MIS reports to the management.

7. Is the CampusLabs™ ERP system scalable?

Yes, the system is highly scalable. We have institutions with a few hundred students to Universities with hundreds of thousands of students using the system.