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Studies have shown evidence that:marksplus-logo

  1. Learners get motivated by feedback
  2. Assessment is a key driver of learning
  3. If learning can be judged reliably, it gets the attention of the learner

marksplus - Test Authoring and Online Exam System  enables institutions to author questions, create assessments, and schedule participants for various types of assessments including quizzes, tests and exams.


marksplus supports educational institutions for their assessment needs for various purposes such as:

  1. Entrance Exams
  2. Internal Assessments
  3. Practice Tests
  4. Certifications

Functional modules

marksplus Author is a comprehensive and intuitive exam authoring module which allows for examination providers to create 12 different types of questions to suit various testing objectives and has powerful tagging features like Blooms, Topics, Difficulty levels etc, ensuring a fair assessment of the individual.

marksplus Admin helps in creating assessments. The assessments can be created automatically through randomization techniques and question selection criteria based on multiple tags that can be associated with a question. Assessments can also be created manually allowing examination providers to extend the use of this tool to suit any testing objective. It supports both formative and summative assessments with an in-built ability for optional and conditional activation of feedback, limiting number of attempts etc.

marksplus™ Admin also allows for scheduling of assessments in a flexible manner with multiple rules in play. Examiners can use it to deliver assessments on a date and time of choice to specific groups of participants and build in further restrictions based on IP address, locations, participant identification etc.

marksplus Participant module ensures that participants effectively use their assessment time. With options like flagging for review and a live indicator of answered and unanswered questions the participant is free to navigate within the assessment and focus on areas that need specific review or attention.

marksplus Reports is the analytics tool. It offers several standard reports catering to all the stake holders of the assessment. These include analysis on individual performance, group performance, question analysis etc.

marksplus Secure is an optional lock-down browser that provides security to the test delivery by preventing participants from moving out of the test interface. Participants will be unable to copy screens or access another application or browse the Internet.