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In today’s challenging economic environment, higher education has gained tremendous importance amongst students, working professionals and organizations alike. While students and executives are pursuing higher education to ensure better employability and secure careers, organizations are depending on it for the talent pool to build and deliver better products and services. Across different faculties, be it business, engineering, medicine, science, hospitality and creative arts to name a few, individuals are increasingly enrolling into higher education programs, either for full-time or distance education programs. Governments around the world are doing their bit to improve the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in Higher Education.

This poses positive challenges to educational institutions in terms of meeting student and industry requirements on the one hand and ensuring compliance with various regulatory and accreditation bodies on the other. The need to not only sustain but further enhance quality even as they scale, is greater than ever before.

With a deep understanding of the needs of higher educational institutions, Ecole seeks to play an influential role in assisting institutions meet these challenges. Ecole is working with a missionary zeal to offer practical solutions leveraging technologies and services to help institutions create the foundational ICT infrastructure to ensure better learning outcomes for students who entrust them with the responsibility to prepare them for a progressive career, even as they improve efficiency and transparency in their operations. The graphic below outlines the paradigm of Ecole’s expertise in the domain: